He is the Word | John 1 (December 11, 2022)

1. Why do you think John starts his book with ‘in the beginning?’ How does this
differ from Matthew and Luke’s accounts of Jesus’ life?


2. When we think of Bethlehem as the beginning of Jesus, we miss out on the
bigness of who Jesus truly is. Do you agree? Why is it dangerous to think of
Bethlehem as the ‘beginning’ of Jesus? What is John’s goal in going all the way
back to the beginning with his reader?



3. According to John 1: 3, who was the Creator in Genesis 1? Read Colossians 1:
15-16. How does the Creator taking on the form of the created impact your
view of the Christmas story?



4. Read Philippians 2: 6-11. What does “did not count equality with God a thing
to be grasped” mean? How does this humility change our view of the Christmas
story in Matthew and Luke?



5. In John 1: 4 it says, “In him was life”. Considering all we’ve seen, what life is
John talking about?



6. Read Luke 1: 46-55. Do you think Mary understood the things we are learning



7. Read John 1: 11. Jesus knew His own people would reject Him, but still came
to redeem them. How does this help shape your view of the birth of Jesus?





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