Jesus Either Way | Philippians 1:19-26 (August 28, 2022)

1. What leads Paul to rejoice (verse 18), even in the midst of imprisonment and
persecution? What encouragement can we take from this?



2. If the word Paul used for ‘deliverance’ in verse 19 is best translated
‘salvation,’ how does this change what he is saying in verse 19? Is Paul talking
about being released physically, or the hope he has in Jesus spiritually?




3. We said the Spirit moves when God’s people pray. Does that mean we can
always count on God to do what we want? How do you respond when He




4. Read verse 20 again. What is Paul’s desire through this entire process? Do
you think boldness is a missing element in Christianity today? What would
boldness change?




5. What does Paul mean by what he says in verse 21? What could we do better
to make this our motto in life? How would that change the way we live?




6. Do you think most Christians struggle to have a desire like Paul talks about in
verse 23? Why is Heaven/eternity talked about so little in our lives?




7. This morning, what did we say is the goal of the Christian faith? Do you think
we get confused about the goal of our faith? Is that why we so often struggle to
live with hope?

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