"Fellowship will be a church that preaches the whole truth of God’s Word whatever the cost."
Pastor Rick Lemons


The Transforming Power of God’s Word

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and through faithful teaching and accurate application has the power to transform lives forever. In all things, we seek to find the balance of being Bible-based while culturally relevant.

People Matter

We believe that lost people matter to God, and therefore, ought to matter to the church. We make it our goal to develop meaningful friendships with our neighbors and others in our circle of influence so that we might earn the opportunity of sharing Christ with them.

A Philosophy of Grace

We believe grace is the only basis for our acceptance with Christ and that Christians should demonstrate a spirit of grace towards one another and the world. Rather than trying to motivate people through guilt, we will seek to encourage them through an attitude of love and gratefulness to God.

A Christian Self-Image

We believe spiritual growth begins with understanding who we are in Christ and what is ours to enjoy as a result of His sacrifice on the cross. This positive self-image is not based on who we are or what we have done, but on what Christ has done for us.

Growing True Disciples

We believe spiritual maturity and Christlikeness is God’s goal for all of His children and should be our goal too. Since every Christ-follower is responsible for his or her own spiritual growth, we will provide guidance, resources, and motivation to help Christians become fully mature.

All Christians Are Ministers

We believe all Christ-followers have been uniquely gifted for ministry and only through using these gifts and talents for God’s glory do we find significance and purpose. At Fellowship Forney, every member is a minister.

Servant Leadership

We believe Jesus’ example of leading by serving is the pattern for all true spiritual leadership. Our goal is to develop leaders who are not focused on who we are, or what we know, but how we serve.

Building Strong Families

We believe that building successful marriages and strong families is fundamental to fulfilling our God-given mission and impacting our ministry area. Children’s ministry, Student ministry, and ministry devoted to enriching marriages and strengthening families will always be a priority.

True Community

We believe that genuine fellowship, Christian community, and biblical accountability can only be experienced in a small group environment. Therefore, we will provide a variety of opportunities for people to connect on a deeper level and fulfill the commandments of the New Testament.

A Church Without Walls

We believe that God has called us to be “salt and light” and to penetrate each neighborhood and community we serve with the Gospel of Christ. Through neighborhood home groups, community involvement, and an outward focus we desire to be known as “the church next door.”

We exist to attract and win people to faith in Jesus Christ, encouraging them to meaningful worship and godly character, and equipping them to do the work God has called them to.
Our Mission