God Won’t Forget You | Joshua 14:6-12 (July 10, 2022)

1. Read Numbers 14:6-9 – What do you think that Joshua and Caleb meant by the words; “they are bread to us” in this text?



2. What does Caleb mean when he says that he “wholly followed the Lord”?




3. In Joshua 14:8 Caleb reminds them how the report of the spies made the hearts of the people melt. What do you think he means by that, and how does a discouraging word cause people to doubts God’s promises?




4. How could Caleb be so confident that he would still take possession of his territory even though he was old?




5. How important was it for Caleb to hold on to this promise from God as he waited for it 45 years?




6. What promises are you holding onto today that God has made to you in His word?




7. Of the two men, Joshua and Caleb, which do you admire the most, Joshua who led Israel, or Caleb who quietly waited on his promised possession?

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