My Prayer for You | Philippians 1 (August 14, 2022)

1. In verse 5 Paul writes about their partnership in the gospel. Do you consider
your role in the Christian life as a partnership? Explain!




2. What do you think he means in verse 6 that God will bring to completion the
good work He has begun in us?




3. What do you think is meant in verse 10 by “so that you may approve what is




4. In what way do you think the people were partakers with Paul being in



5. He wants their love to abound even more he writes in verse 9. Is it possible to
run out of love? How can we continue to love each other more?




6. What do you think he means by “the fruit of righteousness”?




7. How does bearing fruit in our lives bring glory and praise to God?





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