The First Daylight Savings | Joshua 10:6-15 (July 3, 2022)

1. In verse 8 the Lord guaranteed Joshua victory. How did this strengthen Joshua
for the battle ahead? Does guaranteed victory mean we have to do less or



2. Why did the nations gather against Israel, and why do so many today seem to
be against those who follow Jesus Christ?



3. God used a hailstorm to help Israel in this battle. Do you think natural
disasters are ways that God works today?



4. Read 2 Kings 6:15-17. How did the prophet know that God had more on his
side than the enemy?



5. What do you think of Edmund Burke’s statement; “All it takes for evil to
triumph is for good men to do nothing”?



6. Do you believe that God is able to make time stand still for you, or provide in
any way necessary for us to accomplish His will?



7. What do you think of this statement; “God hears the person who hears Him”?




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