Things Happen | Philippians 1:12-19 (August 21, 2022))

1. Why do we have to be careful not to judge the things that happen in life too
quickly? Do you think God can turn our situation into a way to advance the



2. Can you write down an example where God may have turned a situation in
your life to advance the gospel?



3. Why do you think people became bolder to speak the word because of Paul
being in prison? (verse 14)



4. What do you think Paul means in verse 17, some preach Christ out of selfish




5. Read Romans 8:28. What is your impression of this verse? Does everything
really work out in the end?




6. What should our response be today toward those who do not believe exactly
as we do?




7. Should we allow people to rob us of the joy we have in Christ?





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